Will Your A/C Hold Up Another Year?

Tips to help stay cool inside your house this summer

Does ILEC Owe You Money

Notice of unclaimed property

It's Hot Outside. COLD water use is best

Tips for saving energy and money on water heating

Online Power Outage Information Available

See outages in your Cooperative's service area and across Iowa

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Are you using electricity safely?

Touchstone Energy cooperatives are concerned about their members’ safety. Brush up on your knowledge of best practices for hous...

Selling and rental scams

It's possible to get great online "deals" - vacation rental homes, vehicles and many other items. However, there i...

Did You Know … about July 4 and Our Independence?

Reading about history can make us feel more patriotic about the 4th of July and our country. In addition, enjoy an inspirational vide...

LEDs: Easy answers in 2 minutes

Does the prospect of switching to LED bulbs seem overwhelming? Spend two minutes watching this YouTube video for the details you...

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