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Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative is committed to community involvement and creates and fosters economic development opportunities. 

Economic Development

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative creates and fosters economic development opportunities for the benefit of new and/or existing businesses, local communities...


RECare provides local community action agencies with funds to help low-income families pay for winter heating bills and to weatherize...

Co-op Connections Discount Card

The Co-op Connections Card offers member-owners discounts at participating local businesses, national discounts, prescription discounts and more.

Commercial and Industrial Incentives

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers energy efficiency incentives for its commercial and industrial accounts.

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is a charitable program to assist not-for-profit organizations, individuals and families in need.


Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers dependents of member-owners scholarship opportunities.

Youth Tour

Area high school juniors can apply to go on an exciting, week-long, all expense paid trip to Washington D.C.