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You can make a personal difference in someone's life just by donating your spare change! Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers a simple program, Operation Round Up®, that allows you to make a difference in your local community. 

The program allows you and other concerned member-owners of Iowa Lakes to "round up" your monthly electric bills and donate the difference to a charitable fund to be used in Iowa Lakes' service territory. The minimum amount you contribute each month is one cent, and the maximum is 99 cents. For example if your bill was $78.01, you would round-up your bill 99 cents or if your bill was $78.99, you would be making a 1 cent donation; both bills with the round-up contribution would be $79.00. On average, you would contribute $6 annually. 

All of the contributions collected by the Operation Round Up program will go back to your local community! Donations will be made from the fund to local organizations in need as approved by a committee formed from the Cooperative's board of directors. The Good Samaritan Society, Albert City Thresherman and the fire departments in Wallingford, Alta, Estherville, Newell and Gruver are just a few organizations who have benefited from the Operation Round Up fund. Since the start of the Operation Round Up program, member-owners have contributed over $25,400 in spare change and your Cooperative has donated to over 30 organizations within its eight county service territory. 

If you would like to sign up for this worthwhile program and help make a difference, please fill out the following online form.

Individual/Organization Assistance

If you are an individual or organization that is in need of monetary assistance, please fill out the online form below. The application will be reviewed by the board of directors. To ensure timely processing, please fill out the form completely. This form should only be used by those wishing to apply for assistance for an organization or agency.