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$20,000 in Combined Scholarship Gifts Will Be Awarded at 2022 Annual Meeting 

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative will be granting up to $20,000 in combined scholarship gifts to 44 high school seniors. There will be one $1,000 scholarship winner and one $750 scholarship winner from each of the four districts of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative. Recipients will be selected on a combination of SAT/ACT scores, overall grade-point average, work experience, school and community activities, a personal statement of goals, and a written reference or appraisal by a third party. There will be several $500 and $250 scholarships awarded as well. These winners will be randomly selected at the annual meeting. 

All high school seniors who are dependents of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative members must first apply by submitting an application. Call 800-225-4532, ext. 6730 to request an application. Application deadline: Wednesday, March 14, 2022  

 Winners will be recognized and awarded at the Cooperative's annual meeting on Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 9 am. You must attend the meeting to qualify!

$1,000 Scholarship Available

Dependents of member-owners of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative are eligible to apply for a $1,000 scholarship to be provided by Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Corn Belt Power Cooperative, wholesale power suppliers of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative.

The scholarship program is designed to encourage and recognize the achievements of a student living on electric cooperative lines. The scholarship must be used for educational costs and the student must enter college in the fall of the school year for which the scholarship is given. The applicant must be a student who is enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time graduate or undergraduate course of study at an accredited, two-year or four-year college or university or vocational/technical school.

This scholarship is awarded without regard to other awards, loans or financial assistance the applicant may have obtained. Award of the scholarship is based on the following criteria: SAT/ACT scores, grade point average, work experience, participation in school and community activities, a statement by the student explaining his/her educational and career goals and a written recommendation by a third party. 

Applicants may receive an application form from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative by contacting Bobbi Jo at 800-225-4532, ext 6729. Applications are available in the months of December and January and are due by the end of January.