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Electric Car Charging Station

ChooseEV Portal

Do you own an electric vehicle or thinking about purchasing one? Visit the ChooseEV portal today! 

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's latest resource compares your current vehicle to an electric vehicle. This is a great tool to assist in learning about available models, chargers, and tax credits available.

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative Residential Rebate and Rate EV 240-Volt Level 2 Charger

Rebate Qualifications

  • Be a residential member-owner of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative whose account is in good standing

  • Up to $500 per qualifying 240-volt, Level 2 EV charger on a dedicated 240-volt circuit

  • Be enrolled in the Cooperative's EV Time-of-Day Rate and have a separate submeter installed

  • EV charger must be installed within Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's service territory

  • EV charger must be connected to separate submeter for data collection

  • Eligible for plug-in vehicles (PEVs) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) only

Your Cooperative provides options so you can choose what time of day to charge your electric vehicle and how much to pay. A charger installed on Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's time-of-use rates offers you flexibility to charge your vehicle whenever needed. Charging is available all hours of the day, and the time-of-day rates listed below provides a way to save on energy and your charging costs. 

Residential EV Time-of-Day Rate

EV Charger with ILEC's Installed Submeter

On-Peak Energy


Off-Peak Energy - June - September 10 PM - 11 AM
Off-Peak Energy - October - May 10 PM - 6 AM and 11 AM - 5 PM


Note: Both on-peak and off-peak energy charges are subject to power cost adjustment (PCA) charges.
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