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First Responder Safety

First Responder Campaign for Electrical Fire Safety

Northwest REC and the Director of Safety for the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives, Scott Meinecke, participated with a national safety organization, Safe Electricity, to produce several short videos for First Responders to use in their safety meeting. 

0. Intro Silent Killer FR Safety

2. Downed Line Response

4. Underground Electrical Hazard

6. Pole and Grass Fires

1. Electrical Hazards

3. Overhead Power Line Hazard

5. Solar Energy

7. Electric Vehicles 

NIPCO's 5 to Stay Alive Electric Fire Safety Campaign

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's G & T, Northwest Iowa Power Cooperative, launched "NIPCO's 5 to Stay Alive" campaign. The campaign is geared towards emergency first responders. The safety campaign was created to educate western Iowa police, fire, and emergency management services (EMS) personnel on NIPCO's five safety protocols to follow when responding to incidents on or near power lines. 

To protect the public, members of police, fire, and EMS departments should not jeopardize their own safety, which can happen quickly when electric substations and transmission lines are involved. 

To learn more visit NIPCO's webiste:

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