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Communications (Annual Report, Newsletters & Bill Stuffer)

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2021 Annual Report

The Annual Report provides a recap of the previous year, giving member-owners an overview of the cooperative's goals, achievements and milestones. A full disclosure of Iowa Lakes' financial statements is provided.

Annual Report

March Monthly Newsletter

The monthly newsletter is included with the monthly billing statements. The newsletter informs and educates on a variety of topics, such as legislation, mandatory notices, ILEC events, energy efficiency, and more.

March Monthly Newsletter

Spring Quarterly Newsletter

ILEC News is a quarterly publication sent to every member-owner. The newsletter informs and educates on topics such as products and services, community involvement, electrical safety, energy efficiency, and more.

Spring Quarterly Newsletter

Kacey Ruegsegger Johnson 2023 Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker

Each month a bill stuffer is included with the billing statements.

March Bill Stuffer

Iowa Electric Cooperative Living Magazine

The Iowa Electric Cooperative Living magazine is published by the Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives. The magazine communicates to electric cooperative members about important issues involving electric cooperatives and electricity usage.

Iowa Electric Cooperative Living