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Lineman on utility repairing line

New Rate Design in 2018

  • Posted: 12.21.2017

The cost-of-service study findings indicate essentially a revenue-neutral change (an overall 0.39 percent increase in revenues) meaning the amount of money paid by the total membership remains basically the same.


Generators: Purchasing and Safety

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

If you are thinking of purchasing a generator, here’s info about the size you’ll need to power the critical appliances in your home, and safety suggestions, too.

icicles hanging from a roof

Avoid the Dangers of Ice Dams

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

Typical Iowa winter weather can mean a load of snow sitting up on your roof. If heat is leaking out of your house, that snow can cause a common winter problem called “ice damming.”

Move Over or Slow Down logo

Move Over or Slow Down

  • Posted: 07.18.2017

Distracted drivers are everywhere—but so are utility workers. Learn more and take the pledge to move over and slow down when passing Iowa utility vehicles with flashing lights.