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Gift card wrapped in a bow

Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

  • Posted: 01.23.2018

Gift cards and certificates are a common holiday gift. If you received one or several for Christmas, or plan to give a Valentine's Day gift, check out these cautions from the Iowa Attorney General’s office.

Reading by the light of a lamp

Lighting for Aging Eyes

  • Posted: 01.22.2018

As we age, our eyes change, and our lighting needs change. Get tips on lighting for safety and better vision from the experts.

Lineman on utility repairing line

New Rate Design in 2018

  • Posted: 12.21.2017

The cost-of-service study findings indicate essentially a revenue-neutral change (an overall 0.39 percent increase in revenues) meaning the amount of money paid by the total membership remains basically the same.


Generators: Purchasing and Safety

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

If you are thinking of purchasing a generator, here’s info about the size you’ll need to power the critical appliances in your home, and safety suggestions, too.

icicles hanging from a roof

Avoid the Dangers of Ice Dams

  • Posted: 12.19.2017

Typical Iowa winter weather can mean a load of snow sitting up on your roof. If heat is leaking out of your house, that snow can cause a common winter problem called “ice damming.”

Move Over or Slow Down logo

Move Over or Slow Down

  • Posted: 07.18.2017

Distracted drivers are everywhere—but so are utility workers. Learn more and take the pledge to move over and slow down when passing Iowa utility vehicles with flashing lights.