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2020 Annual Maintenance Projects

  • Posted: 07.06.2020

Now that the warm weather has returned, so has our annual, system-wide, maintenance programs that help ensure our distribution system can weather most storms and continue to provide top-notch service reliability to our member-owners. That program includes pole inspections, vegetation management, tree trimming and OCR maintenance - all of which contribute to sustaining a high level of reliability.

Utility Pole Management

Your Cooperative conducts a pole inspection and maintenance program in each county on a 10-year cycle. This summer, the operation support services crew will visually inspect approximately 10,000 individual poles in southeastern Cherokee County and southern Buena Vista County. If necessary, Osmose Utilities, an independent contractor, will treat approximately 9.000 poles by applying a paste-like treatment to the structurally sound utility poles. This program has proven to extend the useful life of the existing pole almost indefinitely when applied at regular 10-year intervals. It's a huge savings to the Cooperative as the cost to replace one distribution pole is approximately $1,400.

Pole replacement history from 1989 to 2019.

Based on 2019 distribution line and utility pole inspections, this summer the line crews will insert 52 new poles in-between existing spans of distribution line and replace 339 existing poles for an investment in your utility plant of more than $564,600.

Vegetation Management

For safety and reliability reasons, your Cooperative has a systematic, preventative spraying and clearing program to control unwanted brush and tree growth in power line rights-of-way.

  • TREE CLEARING - Overgrown trees and brush can limit access of our line crews when repairs or restoration of service is necessary. Contract tree trimming crews will be working in Clay County and the northern half of Buena Vista County.
  • PREVENTIVE ROW SPRAYING - Rights-of-way spraying is conducted in each county on a 5-year rotation. R.O.W. Applicators, an independent contractor, will be rights-of-way spraying in the northern half of Palo Alto and Kossuth counties and the northwestern edge of Humboldt County.
The Cooperative's Eight County Territory (Cherokee County, Buena Vista County, Pocahontas County, Palo Alto County, Clay County, Dickinson County, Emmet County, Kossuth County)