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Does Your Cooperative Owe You Money?

  • Posted: 10.02.2020
Change in a jar

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative, located at 702 South 1st Street, Estherville, Iowa, 51334, is holding unclaimed property that may be the result of a deposit, account balance, refund and/or patronage dividend due to the person(s) listed below. The owner may claim this property by contacting the Cooperative at the previously mentioned address listed and/or by telephone at 800-225-4532. Any property that remains unclaimed will either be turned over to the Treasurer or the State of Iowa in accordance with the Iowa escheat laws or will be placed in a fund to be used for educational purposes and/or economic development in accordance with Iowa Code and Cooperative policy. If you are or know someone on this list, please call 800-225-4532 and speak with Natalie at extension 6740.

Unclaimed Property List