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Energy Efficient Clothes Washers

  • Posted: 07.23.2019
boy in cape on top of washer and dryer

Question: How can you save water and energy as you do your weekly laundry?

Answer: Shift to a high efficiency (HE) washer. According to, Energy Star-certified clothes washers use 25% less energy and 33% less water than standard models, and over the lifetime of the washer, can save you about $380 in energy costs.

For example, traditional top loading machines use 20 gallons or more per load, while high efficiency machines use about 14 gallons, a savings of about 2,000 gallons a year.

Features That Offer Savings
These features increase the energy efficiency of the machine:

  • Sensors monitor incoming water levels and temperature closely to avoid using more than is needed
  • Rinsing clothes with high pressure spraying instead of soaking in a full tub of water
  • Front loaders tumble clothes in a small amount of water instead of rubbing them against an agitator; any machine without a center agitator causes less wear-and-tear on your clothing, too
  • Advanced top loading machines flip or spin clothes through a reduced stream of water, which reduces the amount of water used
  • Efficient motors spin clothes two to three times faster to extract more water during the spin cycle, reducing drying time (saving even more energy during dryer use)
  • While you will probably need HE detergent, you’ll use less of it than in a “regular” washer, so you’ll be purchasing detergent less frequently
  • These machines have a large capacity so you can run fewer loads (although each load usually takes longer than an old-style top loader)