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Maintaining Safety and Continuing Operations

  • Posted: 03.24.2020
COVID-19 against a red background

With our nation’s heightened awareness of impacts due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we want to assure our members that our cooperative is taking precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, members, and the general public.

Our cooperative’s business continuity plan is designed to maintain the health and safety of the people working for us and to ensure that business critical operations continue without interruption. These measures help ensure that your electric co-op continues to provide reliable electricity during a business continuity event.

Our co-op is taking steps now to be prepared in the event there is a significant impact from the coronavirus in our communities. We are focused on maintaining a healthy workforce and keeping key personnel—such as line workers and member service representatives—available so that we can continue to provide the excellent service you expect from us.

Through our national association (NRECA), electric co-ops coordinate with others in the electric sector and the federal government to prepare for and respond to national-level disasters or threats to critical infrastructure. This includes scenarios such as pandemics that could impact the energy workforce.

Through this coordination, electric co-ops and government partners focus on actions and strategies that help protect the energy grid, prevent threats that may disrupt electricity service, and develop capabilities that help electric co-ops quickly respond and recover when major incidents impact the grid.

We encourage our members to be vigilant. Be on the lookout for suspicious emails, phone calls, or persons impersonating business employees or charitable organizations. Unfortunately, scammers take advantage of opportunities such as this when households are otherwise preoccupied. If you get a call from someone claiming to represent our cooperative and they make threats or demand immediate payment, hang up and call our office immediately.

For more information about coronavirus and preventing the spread of germs, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC states that the risk for individual Americans remains low. However, if the coronavirus does emerge in our area, we are preparing for how we maintain our operations to best serve our members.

Thank you for taking these steps to keep yourself and coworkers healthy. Please refer to our cooperative website and social media communication for any local updates on cooperative operations and events. We encourage you to take advantage of our online bill pay option. We will keep you updated on significant changes in this situation as they occur.