Plant Seeds of Caution Around Power Lines

  • Posted: 04.17.2017

Farm Electrical Safety is Never Out of Season

The risk of electrocution remains one of the greatest hazards on Iowa's farms. Before heading back into the field this spring, be particularly alert to the dangers of nearby overhead power lines.

Simply coming too close to a power line is dangerous as electricity can arc or "jump" to conducting materials or objects, such as ladders, poles or trucks. Keep farm equipment at least 10 feet away from all overhead power lines.

When moving large equipment or tall loads near a power line, always use a spotter to help ensure that contact is not made with a power line.


  • Be aware of increased height when loading and transporting tractors on trailer flat beds.
  • Avoid raising the arms of planters, combines, cultivators or feed truck augers near power lines. Remember to retract this equipment as well.
  • Remember that many tractors are now equipped with radios and communications systems that have antennas extending from the cab up to 15 feet.
  • Never attempt to raise or move a power line to clear a path.
  • When performing other farm chores, be careful not to raise any equipment such as ladders, poles or rods into power lines.