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breaker box

Circuit Breaker Safety

  • Posted: 07.20.2021

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about the details of your electrical service until something goes wrong. Learn more about circuit breakers, an important component of your electrical connection.

playground equipment

Keep Outdoor Playtime Safe

  • Posted: 06.22.2021

Kids need plenty of outdoor play time. However, they need to know these electrical safety rules to avoid disaster this summer.

Row of power poles

Electric Grid Security

  • Posted: 06.22.2021

Learn what electric cooperatives are doing to protect members’ access to electricity and what you can do to help, too.

ceiling fan

Take Control of High Summer Bills

  • Posted: 05.24.2021

As a result of summer’s heat and humidity, most of us switch on our air conditioning units and see our electric bills get higher as a result. Learn how you can keep those bills from skyrocketing.

A GFCI outlet and cover mounted on a stone wall

Guide to Home Safety Devices

  • Posted: 04.27.2021

If you are renovating your home—and even if you aren’t but want to update to the latest safety measures—find out what is now required by the 2020 National Electrical Code.