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image of a house with icicles hanging from the roof

Avoid the Dangers of Ice Dams

  • Posted: 01.21.2020

Typical Iowa winter weather can mean a load of snow sitting up on your roof. If heat is leaking out of your house, that snow can cause a common winter problem called “ice damming.”

Photo image of someone blowing foam batting into an attic space

Our Top 5 Energy Efficiency Measures and How We Can Help

  • Posted: 01.10.2020

We believe that the greenest kilowatt-hour is the one that you never use. Our cooperative is a not-for-profit electric cooperative providing safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power to our members living in western Iowa. We offer a wide variety of incentives to save energy and to save you money. Here are our Top 5...

Space heater

Portable Heater Safety

  • Posted: 12.17.2019

When winter hits with full force, our home may need a boost of heat beyond our furnace system. A portable heater offers relief but use it safely.

Lit candles

Candle Safety

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

Candles throw off a warm glow, lighting your dinner table or brightening your holiday décor. However, an open flame is a fire danger.

Smart Outlet Strip with bow on it

Give a Smart Holiday Gift

  • Posted: 11.25.2019

These smart products also make smart presents, as their energy savings and convenience are gifts that keep on giving.