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Why Does Your Cooperative Advertise?

  • Posted: 06.27.2019

Your Cooperative advertises for four major reasons:

1. Safety Awareness

First and foremost is the general public and member-owner's personal safety. While electricity provides many benefits, comforts and security, electricity can be hazardous in certain situations. Your Cooperative's safety messages, such as "Look Up and Live" attempts to remind the public to not take electricity for granted. Safety first, always!

2. Energy Efficiency Awareness

For over 25 years, your Cooperative has encouraged the efficient use of electricity through educational messages by providing information on the newest, cost effective energy efficient technologies available. Your Cooperative's energy efficiency messages and programs encourage member-owners to choose the more energy efficient option in both the home and workplace.

3. Legal Liability Compliance

Legal liability, and, in particular, the affects of improperly grounded or installed electric equipment can create the phenomenon known as "stray voltage". While this issue is associated with public safety, confined animals, in particular dairy cows, can be adversely affected by this problem if care and attention is not exercised by the animal's owners. Public awareness and education are part of your Cooperative's key strategic goals and responsibilities as a member-owned utility.

4. Federal and State Mandates

Federal and State mandates require electric utilities to advertise and promote certain programs which are for the public's benefit. Grain bin clearance awareness, peak alert announcements and the voluntary customer energy assistance contribution program known as the RECare program are a few examples of government mandates.

While your Cooperative operates as cost effectively and efficiently as possible, advertising to meet these four important requirements is necessary.