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Quiz Corner

One-by-one, five of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's vehicles arrive at the location of the Co-op's current construction site. Using the numbered clues listed below, can you identify the order in which each of the five vehicles arrived on the job site? Answer in the quiz below for your chance to win a $25 bill credit!

1. The digger derrick arrived before both pickup trucks.

2. The foreman's small basket truck arrived sometime after the big bucket truck.

3. On the way to the job site, the superintendent's pick-up truck got stuck on a muddy level B maintenance road. The foreman's small basket truck was immediately dispatched to help pull the superintendent's pick-up truck out of this unfortunate predicament. Within minutes, both trucks were headed to the construction site.

4. The big bucket truck arrived sometime after the superintendent's pick-up truck.

5. The two basket trucks did not arrive in succession.

Image of all the different trucks

Last quarter's winners: Janice Donaldson, Dickens; Kurt & Debra Geisinger, Linn Grove; James Miller, Pleasant Hill; Pitts Welding, Cleghorn.