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Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's mission is to provide reliable, competitively-priced energy and other valuable services to benefit our members, our customers and the communities we serve.

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative Service Territory Map

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative is a member-owned electric cooperative that serves approximately 12,700 farms, homes, businesses and industries in northwest Iowa - the heart of America's breadbasket.

With headquarters in Estherville, Iowa, our member-owners live and work in Iowa's fertile fields, in our growing industrial and technical parks, and in our vital hometown communities. Our member-owners feed the world and they supply the lifeblood of rural electric cooperatives like ours.

The Power that Supplies the Heartland...hydro-electric dams along the Missouri River produce low-cost electricity; and coal-fired plants, like the Neal #4 Generation Station by Sioux City, Iowa, are fueled by low-sulfur western lignite. Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative draws power across nearly 4,900 miles of line...nourishing approximately 12,706 services in place with nearly 629 million kWh sales.

The consolidation of Iowa's Buena Vista County REC, Pocahontas County REC, and D.E.K. REC in 1986 and the merger of Cherokee County REC in 1989 to form Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative has created a challenge by change and has succeeded with strength.


A list of Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative employees.

Board of Directors

A list of board of directors and the districts within our service territory.