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Safety Wear

Electrical Safety for Kids

Children often do not understand the danger of electricity and electrical equipment. In their innocent and imaginative minds, what can be potentially dangerous may go unnoticed, or even appear enticing and fun. Take an opportunity to point out overhead power lines and any other electrical equipment to children and explain what they are. 

Safety Presentations

Your Cooperative offers youth safety presentations free of charge to students in elementary and middle school. Contact Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative at 800-225-4532 for more information.

Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative employee with high voltage trailer
Photo of High Voltage Trailer

Safety Activity Sheets for Kids

Click here for Spring Safety Coloring Sheet
Click here for Thank a Lineworker activity page
Click here for farm safety coloring sheet
click here for seven cooperative principles coloring page
Click here for national farm safety and health week coloring page
click here for create your own superhero coloring page
click here for outlet safety coloring page
click here for downed powerline safety activity
click here for power line safety activity page
click here for thank you for keeping the power on coloring page
click here for outdoor safety coloring page
click here for water safety coloring page
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