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Employee Team

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Executive Team

The executive team is responsible for the daily operation and management of the cooperative. 

Senior Staff

Natalie Brown, Manager of Accounting

Kristin Hanson, Manager of Human Resources & Payroll

Amy Howard, Executive Assistant

Ann Ingvall, Manager of Customer Care & Billing

Steve Loken, Operations Services Coordinator

Tim Mielke, Manager of Information Technology & Technical Support

Brian Scott, Superintendent of Field Operations

Jed Skogerboe, Manager of Business and Community Development

Al Zeitz, Manager of Renewable Energy Services

Employee Team

Ben Ahlschlager, Lineworker-Estherville

Cody Bartling, Foreman-Spencer

Craig Burgeson, Lineworker-Emmetsburg

Gabe Cardwell, Lineworker-Emmetsburg

Brenda Clymer, Inventory and Work Order Accountant

Michael Coe, Wind Technician

Kay Dahl, Operations Assistant

Austin Eickhoff, Lineworker-Pocahontas

Colton Freeburg, Lineworker-Alta

David Grothaus, Lineworker-Pocahontas

Jared Hannasch, Lineworker-Spencer

Cody Hantelman, IT Technician

Katie Harris, Communications Specialist

Rosie Harvey, Collection, Billing and Customer Care Representative

Shane Helmich, Supervisor of Operations Support Services

Zach Herum, Wind Technician

Allen Jensen, Lineworker-Pocahontas

Chris Jones, Energy Advisor-Estherville

Mat Kilgore, Foreman-Emmetsburg/Pocahontas

Sarah Kollasch, Customer Care & Billing Representative

Mike Kummer, Foreman-Estherville/Swea City

Reid Lammers, Lineworker-Emmetsburg

Dylan Low, Lineworker-Swea City

Jeremy Madden, Energy Advisor-Spencer

Jeren McKibbin, Lineworker-Spencer

Jeremy Nelson, Professional Engineer

Tyson Nielsen, Lineworker-Swea City

Eric Olesen, GIS Administrator

Clayton Petersen, Lineworker-Alta

Tucker Petersen, Lineworker-Alta

Andy Plathe, Meter Technician

Joel Quastad, Lineworker-Estherville

Levi Quastad, Lineworker-Estherville

Conner Rassel, Lineworker-Alta

Jeff Roemen, Lineworker-Alta

Bobbi Jo Ruschy, Marketing Assistant

Marshal Saboe, Operations Support Field Technician

Luke Schmidt, Lineworker-Spencer

Jay Schoen, Lineworker-Alta

Lindsay Steffen, Customer Care & Billing Representative

Curt Steiner, Lineworker-Spencer

Patty Thackery, Customer Care & Billing Representative

Jason Thorson, Foreman-Alta

Doug Vlasman, Energy Advisor-Emmetsburg

Scott Whitaker, Lineworker-Spencer

Cal Wolterman, Lineworker-Swea City

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