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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers a variety of payment options. Sign up for SmartHub to view your electric bill, make a payment and monitor your energy consumption.


Appliance, heating and cooling, insulation and weatherization rebates are available from your Cooperative.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing allows you to pay a set amount on your electric account each month based on the previous year's...

Communications (Annual Report, Newsletters & Bill Stuffer)

Iowa Lakes works to build the cooperative's relationship with our member-owners. We communicate through a variety of print material such...

Electric Vehicles & Charging Station

Electric vehicles (EV) are a growing market with every major auto manufacturer in the world making significant investments. 


Member Warning: is a third-party website that is an on-line bill pay website. This third-party website is not affiliated with Iowa...

Outage Center

To report an outage call 800-225-4532800-225-4532.


Iowa Lakes is a not-for-profit 501c(12) cooperative, and member-owners that have purchased electricity and services from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative...

Pay My Bill Online

SmartHub helps you manage your electric account 24/7 by computer, tablet or smartphone with a free online application.

Payment Options

Your Cooperative has several convenient payment options for you to pay your electric bill.

Unclaimed Property - Does ILEC Owe You Money?

Previous member-owners who are on Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's unclaimed property list.

Who is Responsible for What - Meter Information

Find out if Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative or the member-owner is responsible for electric service maintenance and repairs.