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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers a variety of payment options. Sign up for SmartHub to view your electric bill, make a payment and monitor your energy consumption.


Appliance, heating and cooling, insulation and weatherization rebates are available from your Cooperative.

Pay My Bill Online

SmartHub helps you manage your electric account 24/7 by computer, tablet or smartphone with a free online application.

Payment Options

Your Cooperative has several convenient payment options for you to pay your electric bill.

Member Warning: is a third-party website that is an on-line bill pay website. This third-party website is not affiliated with Iowa...

Budget Billing

Budget Billing allows you to pay a set amount on your electric account each month based on the previous year's...

Who is Responsible for What - Meter Information

Find out if Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative or the member-owner is responsible for electric service maintenance and repairs.


Iowa Lakes is a not-for-profit 501c(12) cooperative, and member-owners that have purchased electricity and services from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative...

Unclaimed Property - Does ILEC Owe You Money?

Previous member-owners who are on Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative's unclaimed property list.

Outage Center

To report an outage call 800-225-4532800-225-4532.

Communication Material

Iowa Lakes works to build the cooperative's relationship with our member-owners. We communicate through a variety of print material such...