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How to Read Your Bill?

1. Message Board: Important information that your Cooperative wants you to be aware of on a monthly basis.

How to Read Your Bill Graphic

2. KWH Usage History: This chart compares your monthly and daily kilowatt hour consumption to the same time last year.

3. Wholesale Power-Suppliers Monthly Peak: The date and time of our two-wholesale power supplier's monthly peak.

4. Account Information: Your account number and the physical address for this service location. Please keep your account number handy and use it when reporting an outage

5. Usage and Rate Information: Previous and present reading on your meter(s) and the corresponding amount of kilowatt hours of electricity used in each applicable rate during the billing cycle.

6. Monthly Peak Demand Information: The date and time of your household's monthly peak.

7. Current Electric Charges: A detailed list of charges for the current billing statement that include the monthly access fee, energy charge, power cost adjustment, taxes and any applicable miscellaneous charges or credits.

8. Electric Heat Credit: The discount for the electricity used to heat your home, shop or business.

9. Round Up Contribution: The voluntary program where you donate pennies each month to round up your electric bill to the next nearest dollar. Those monies are then used to assist worthy causes and organizations in your local communities. Donations to Operation Round Up are tax deductible and both monthly and year-to-date donations are printed on the member's monthly billing statement.

10. Statement of Account: The summary of all charges and payments applied to your account since your bill, starting with your previous balance, if any.

11. Shared Power: Displays your annual kilowatt hour requirement if you are enrolled in the Shared Power program. If the "Annual Requirement" is zero, you are not enrolled in the Shared Power program.

12. Change of Address: Lets you notify us of an address, telephone or an email change.

13. Amount Due and Due Date: The total amount due and the date your payment is due.

14. Auto Bank Payment: A free service that will automatically deduct your monthly electric bill from your bank account on the 20th of each month.


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