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Your cooperative is currently experiencing normal energy demand. No special energy saving measures are necessary.

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Executive Team:
Aaron Ruschy, VP of Operations and Engineering
Jennifer Sievert, VP of Customer and Corporate Relations
Shelly Tredway, VP of Finance/CFO

Senior Staff:
Kristin Hanson, Manager of Human Resources & Payroll
Amy Howard, Executive Assistant
Ann Ingvall, Manager of Customer Care & Billing
Steve Loken, Operations Services Coordinator
Tim Mielke, Manager of Information Technology & Technical Support
Brian Scott, Superintendent of Field Operations
Jed Skogerboe, Manager of Business and Community Development
Al Zeitz, Manager of Renewable Energy Services

Ben Ahlschlager, Lineworker-Estherville
Cody Bartling, Foreman-Spencer
Natalie Brown, Accounts Payable and General Accounting
Craig Burgeson, Lineworker-Emmetsburg
Curtis Caboth, Lineworker-Alta
Brenda Clymer, Inventory and Work Order Accountant
Michael Coe, Wind Technician
Kay Dahl, Operations Assistant
Nicholas Feilmeier, Lineworker-Pocahontas
Colton Freeburg, Lineworker-Alta
David Grothaus, Lineworker-Pocahontas
Jared Hannasch, Lineworker-Spencer
Cody Hantelman, Lineworker-Estherville
Katie Harris, Communications Specialist
Rosie Harvey, Collection, Billing and Customer Care Representative
Shane Helmich, Supervisor of Operations Support Services
Zach Herum, Wind Technician
Allen Jensen, Lineworker-Pocahontas
Chris Jones, Energy Advisor-Estherville
Mat Kilgore, Foreman-Emmetsburg/Pocahontas
Sarah Kollasch, Customer Care & Billing Representative
Mike Kummer, Foreman-Estherville/Swea City
Reid Lammers, Lineworker-Emmetsburg
Dylan Low, Lineworker-Swea City
Jeremy Madden, Energy Advisor-Spencer
Jeren McKibbin, Lineworker-Spencer
Jeremy Nelson, Professional Engineer
Tyson Nielsen, Lineworker-Swea City
Eric Olesen, GIS Administrator
Tucker Petersen, Lineworker-Alta
Andy Plathe, Meter Technician
Joel Quastad, Lineworker-Estherville
Levi Quastad, Lineworker-Estherville
Conner Rassel, Lineworker-Alta
Jeff Roemen, Lineworker-Alta
Bobbi Jo Ruschy, Marketing Assistant
Marshal Saboe, Operations Support Field Technician
Luke Schmidt, Lineworker-Spencer
Jay Schoen, Lineworker-Alta
Lindsay Steffen, Customer Care & Billing Representative
Curt Steiner, Lineworker-Spencer
Patty Thackery, Customer Care & Billing Representative
Jason Thorson, Foreman-Alta
Doug Vlasman, Energy Advisor-Emmetsburg
Scott Whitaker, Lineworker-Spencer
Michael Wiegmann, Lineworker-Emmetsburg
Cal Wolterman, Lineworker-Swea City