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Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative offers the latest technology to help you manage your electric account 24/7 by computer, tablet or smartphone with a free online application called SmartHub.

  • Log in to your electric account
  • View your bill and bill history
  • Make or schedule a payment and manage payment methods
  • View and track your daily and monthly usage
  • Sign up for budget billing
  • Sign up for automatic bill pay
  • Notify Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative of account issues
  • Sign up and receive e-mail or text alert notifications
  • Communicate directly with the Cooperative

Pay Now

Pay Now provides a quick, convenient and streamlined way to pay your bill. It does not contain all the functionality of SmartHub but does offer an easy way for you to pay your bill online while you are on the go. No registration required or password to remember.

If you have any questions regarding our bill pay websites, please call our customer care representatives at 800-225-4532.

SmartHub FAQs

What is SmartHub?

SmartHub is a tool that provides convenient account access and two-way communication to and from Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative on your computer, tablet or via your mobile device. With SmartHub you have the ability to do the following with just a few clicks:

  • Make a payment
  • Access payment history
  • Access your billing statement which can be printed
  • Sign up for Automated Payment (ACH)
  • An opt out option to no longer receive printed billing statements in the mail
  • Sign up and receive e-mail or text alert notifications
  • Check our social media feeds
  • Notify ILEC staff of account and service issues

SmartHub is available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets as well as on the web.

How do I sign up for SmartHub?

Sign up now. To get started, you will be required to enter your account number, last name or business name, last 4-digits of your SSN or Fed ID and your e-mail address. If you have any questions or need assistance, you are always welcome to contact our customer care representative at 800-225-4532.

What is the difference between the SmartHub mobile app and the web version of SmartHub?

The SmartHub mobile app can be downloaded and installed on any iOS and Android compatible tablet or mobile device.

The web version is accessible from any desktop or laptop device with Internet access, and allows you to register your accounts to receive notifications for account milestones approaching or a missed due date.

Both versions give you secure access to maintain your account information, view your bills, see payment history, make payments on one or more accounts, monitor and manage your usage by use of graphics and usage markers, and sign up for Automated Payment (ACH).

Is my phone or tablet supported?

The free SmartHub app is supported on the following platforms:

  • iOS 3.1 and above (iPhone and/or iPad)
  • Android 2.1 and above (Smartphones or tablets)

Is the app secure?

Yes! All critical information is encrypted and no personal information is stored on your mobile device. Mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.

How do I get the app for my phone?

Look for SmartHub in the Apple Store® or in the Android® Market. Search SmartHub (not case sensitive but must be all one word). If duplicates appear the correct app is provided by our partner, National Information Solutions Cooperative.

Or click the links below for direct access

Download app for Android Download app on the iPhone App Store

I have five accounts. Can I see them all in the app and on the web?

Yes, the web home page shows all of your accounts with the amounts due and hyperlinks to other detailed information. On the app, tap the Bill and Pay icon. The total due of all accounts show and below it you can select different information by account, such as partial payment option, billing history and payment history.

How do I sign up for notifications?

Notifications can only be managed on the web via the Notifications Tab. You can select your preferred notifications method which includes text, mobile push notifications or e-mail. If you have multiple accounts, while you are setting the notification it will prompt you to indicate which account the notification is for.