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From appliances to heating and cooling to insulation and weatherization - small changes can mean big energy savings. Your Cooperative offers member-owners a variety of incentives for new equipment purchases and energy-efficiency upgrades.

Pull the Plug Appliance Recycling Program

Do you have an old operating refrigerator, freezer or window air conditioner that you would like to get rid of? Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative will pay you to recycle your appliance.

Program Details:

  • Appliances must be in operable condition when recycled/disposed
  • Appliances may only be delivered or picked up by company/facility that verifies recycling/decommissioning
  • Appliances cannot be resold or used by other consumers
  • Only appliances on lines served by Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative are eligible
  • Maximum of three units per residential/farm account per year 
  • Rebate application must be submitted within 6 months of recycling

To receive a $50 recycling rebate, Iowa Lakes Electric Cooperative needs the following: