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6 Reasons to LOVE Your Co-op

Illustration that reads "I love my co-op" and the word love is replaced with a heart shape.

February is a time for us to pause and reflect upon the relationships that we hold dear. Being a member of an electric cooperative means that your relationship with us goes well beyond providing you with the energy you need to power your lives every day.

The cooperative business model is the best one on earth. Our core business purpose is to serve as your electricity provider, but the larger mission of the co-op is to help make our corner of the world a better place. Our poles have roots and those roots run deep. We take pride in serving our member-owners because we are your neighbors, and we care very much about providing the highest level of friendly, reliable, and dependable service you expect and deserve.

Here are six reasons to love being a member of your electric cooperative.

  1. Our mission. Electric co-ops were established to provide at-cost electric service. Providing safe, reliable, and affordable power has remained our mission since day one.

  2. You are a member, not a customer. Cooperatives are unique businesses because they are owned by you, the member. This means you have a voice in the way we run the co-op. Members elect the co-op’s board of directors and can run for a seat on the board if they wish to do so. Your vote and participation help shape the direction of the cooperative.

  3. We are not-for-profit. Unlike investor-owned utilities, which are operated to make the most profits for stakeholders, electric co-ops do not earn profits. Instead, any margins or revenue remaining (after all expenses have been paid) are returned to members in the form of capital credits. Capital credit returns are base