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Beware of "Save Big" Claims on Energy Bills

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

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“Save 50% on your energy bills!”

“Stop paying your electric utility!”

“Save thousands on your heating and cooling costs!”

Have you ever received a postcard or an email featuring one of these headlines? The postcard usually includes an invitation to a free dinner at a local restaurant where you can learn more about how to “save big” on your energy bills. There’s even a local phone number you can call to reserve your spot, causing you to think that this effort is being organized by a reputable, local company. It almost always is not.

As we move beyond the pandemic, these types of invitations will likely increase in our community. It’s easy to let our guard down because we all want to believe the incredible claims we find in our inbox and mailbox. These dubious marketing campaigns will tout power converters for your meter, radiant barriers for your attic and other technologies that promise to save you hundreds or thousands of dollars on your energy bills.

Often there is some truth to the technology and products being pitched in these postcards. For example, an aluminum radiant barrier placed in your attic can help reduce heat gain during the summer but the efficiency claims are ov