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Complaints Over Solar Rise

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Photo of solar panels on the roof of a home.

Last month, Smart Choices featured an article about thinking twice and learning all the facts before accepting a “free” dinner to hear a sales pitch about solar or other “energy-saving” devices.

This month, we are featuring a similar article from Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller. Read the article to discover how many complaints the AG’s office has received, what types of complaints the office has received, and some suggestions for checking out the products in advance. And as always, you can ask for assistance from our office if you have questions or are considering purchasing solar panels or other renewable-energy products.

Harnessing the power of solar energy is just one effort many eco-conscious consumers consider when looking to reduce their carbon footprint. A lower energy bill is the goal. Yet the endeavor can, at times, lead to more headaches and cost than consumers anticipated.

Following an uptick in consumer complaints against solar panel companies, Iowa Attorney General Miller reminds Iowans to be prepared for a myriad of issues that can crop up when exploring solar panel installations.

“Solar energy is a clean, increasingly affordable power source, so it’s great to see more Iowans considering installing panels,” Miller said. “We encourage consumers to do their research before signing contracts.”