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New Year’s Resolution: Weatherize Your Home

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Photo of man caulking the windows of his home.

If you’ve noticed a few leaky areas in your home, maybe a draft around an exterior door or a window, sealing those leaks is a quick and easy-to-accomplish New Year’s resolution that can provide you with greater comfort. A bonus: taking these actions may also lower your utility bills for the remainder of the winter and beyond, especially when we experience weather extremes.

EXTERIOR SEALING One of the simplest and cheapest means to reduce energy use this winter, and throughout the year, is to seal air leaks on a home’s exterior walls. Caulk and weather-stripping materials are relatively inexpensive and available at hardware and big box stores.

It is relatively simple and inexpensive to complete some basic weatherization on a home’s exterior. Most homes can be weatherized around windows, doors and at the base of exterior siding using caulk, weather-stripping and flashing. You'll need to wait for a relatively warm day to do exterior caulking (be sure to check the caulk to find the temperatures needed for application). If this winter proves to be too cold, you may have to wait until spring.

Do-it-yourself caulking tips